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Jan 8, 2013
@ 4:39 pm
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if you pick the fire starter in pokemon plz unfollow me immediately

  1. incognitomoustache said: e-even the Cyndaquil evolution-line? D:
  2. gastly420 said: creating a team to beat charizard probably wouldn’t prove especially difficult (or useful i mean wot all u need is a rock type?)
  3. ghostaxedent said: i like the froge best
  4. jetrocketskates said: hey fuck you this gen water > fire > eating dirt > grass
  5. nerd-for-hire said: Water Pokemon all the way
  6. greatmoustachesploosh said: I WILL FIGHT YOU
  7. zamielherbei said: yo, fuck you, fennekin is the fucking best
  8. captainlitebrite said: NO FUCK YOU I LOVE CHARMANDER
  9. whittingtonb said: I can’t make a judgement call on the starters until I see their final evolutions. Like, the grass starter looks like a doof but what if it gets badass later? What if the water one looks stupid in its final form??
  10. vengerturtle-moved said: charizard is my favorite Pokemon, fight me
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