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Jan 9, 2013
@ 10:26 pm
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why doesn’t marvel have the headless horseman as one of their monsters

like everything’s centered in nyc and sleepy hollow/north tarrytown is super close by and i dunno

i just want the headless horseman to join the legion of monsters. and to race ghost rider. maybe let n’kantu ride on his horse.

  1. madripoor said: idk man just going by x-men i don’t think they have the most accurate idea of how westchester actually is irl
  2. chujo-hime said: does the family still have the copyright to it? maybe Marvel doesn’t want to pay?
  3. harlequinnade said: ghost rider v gentleman ghost in dc
  4. kizer91 said: you know, honestly this is a good point. You should attend cup of joe next comic con and bring this up during their Q and A session. Seriously.
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